Wednesday 1 July 2015

Five Most Read Posts in June

The most popular posts last month were:

1. Short Notes on Jeremy Corbyn
2. Don't Blame the Council
3. What is Jeremy Corbyn Playing At?
4. The Gnashing of Blairite Teeth
5. How the Conservatives Can Win Again

Another very busy time on the blog. After last month's peak we've had to settle for being the third best month ever. Diddums. Still, very good for what has always been a too quiet time of year as far as my little corner of the internet is concerned.

Enough backslapping. The announcement of Jeremy Corbyn's candidature pulled the punters in as I started musing about its potentials and its qualities. Likewise, the internet travelling public lapped up the mild rebuke aimed at what then seemed an unserious attempt at getting himself on the ballot. ITV's Don't Blame the Council saved my blogging bacon last week as I was for want of something to write about. Upsetting Blairites appears to be a niche I've started cornering, so expect more of that. And bringing up the rear is how the effects of Tory policy, i.e. the generation of greater insecurity and social anxiety might, after all, provide ideal electoral fodder for them in the future.

Who's hanging around for a second chance? There's yesterday's piece on the running sore that is local politics in Stoke-on-Trent. And there is my slightly chin-stroking piece on the politics of labour supply helps explain why British business can live with the Tories hammering migrants - because their social security cuts are aimed at unlocking a perceived labour reservoir at home.

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