Thursday 9 July 2015

Goldfrapp - Lovely Head

I was going to spend this evening throwing together a riposte against this nonsense from Mary Creagh. Perhaps if I'm at a loose end over the weekend I might still. In the meantime I'm taking the evening off blogging duties, so let's revisit a track that evokes muggy days and weird summers.


Phil said...

Shameless Blairite revisionism. She is a piece of work.

Igor Belanov said...

So if Britain had bombed ISIS's enemies in 2013 then ISIS would be weaker today?

The war-mongering section of the Labour Party really need to come up with some more convincing arguments than that.

BCFG said...

When a family decide to uproot and head off to live in the Islamic state they are not heading off to join a war but to take part in a lifestyle. Just like some Soviet citizens fled West back in the day. They were called defectors I think.

ISIS are a lifestyle choice, among other things.

Attempts to ban their flag, demonise people who want to go there etc are an attack on freedom of conscience, freedom of movement and just about every freedom know to liberal man. But liberal man is NO liberal!

Some would like the world to be one homogeneous mass but the world can never be uniform, will always be in flux. And where would there be choice if everywhere were the same? The world always throws up experiments.

Chris said...

Stilk think the KKE are wrong?