Friday 1 May 2015

Five Most Read Posts in April

The most popular posts last month were:

1. The Far Left and the 2015 UK General Election
2. The Socialist Party's Erratic Marxism
3. Green Party Candidates at the 2015 UK General Election
4. On Weaponising Ed Miliband
5. Notes on Nicola Sturgeon

What a month. Since Google Analytics started tracking stats for Blogger blogs as standard round about summer 2010, April has revealed itself to be my most popular month ever with a figure north of 60,000 page views. Small beer against the big kids of the commentariat, but not bad for a wee blog kept going in my free time. In fact, I'm a little bit chuffed. So cheers for tuning in. The question whether this is a blip or a confirmation of a trend beginning around the time of the Scottish referendum can only be answered in the coming months.

As per, I've plucked one post out from last month's pile for another airing. And that would be Lenin and Hitler Vs Grant Shapps. A silly title, yes, but this super serious post explores the role of the individual in momentous historical processes, and what their character says about the movements they represent.

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