Friday 8 May 2015

Electronic - Disappointed

This about sums it up. Proper services resume tomorrow.


asquith said...

And one for Victory Day tomorrow, for those who don't like being ruled over by "competing" parties of capitalist hyenas and western liberal degenerates. :)

Vinyl Miner said...

Dont mourn organisse, just Joined Scottish Labour.

BCFG said...

I do hope normal service doesn't resume.

I tried to tell you the tories would get a majority while you had your head in the sand.

I would also hope you are ready to ditch New Labour,and who can deny they are New Labour now?

WillORNG said...

Apparently the Libdems got 1,000.

I finally got round to joining the Greens this year and am proud to have played my part in telephone canvassing for the best MP of the last Parliament Caroline Lucas.

Other friends are joining Labour.

Surely we can get a pro-Sustainable Prosperity for all party behind Decent Civilised Living Wage Job Education Training Income Guaranteed Full Employment at Stable Prices?

This addresses the main fear and security with hope over hate.

Vinyl Miner said...

BCFG - true - although I never saw Labour winning it when I was sober, a couple of bottles of Denmarks finest and it was going to be a landslide. But oh man on some sites the whole not left enough is taking on a strong hold in Scotland and the effect of the Iraq war, that the SNP have actually won over a generation who are not aware of the war or its impact sems to pass them by.