Sunday 12 April 2015

West Midlands Tory Party Shambles

I was out doing my bit for the Tories' coming defeat in Stafford yesterday with Kate Godfrey and the local Labour team. As we were busily knocking on doors and stuffing letter boxes, Kate bumped into a postie out on his rounds. And what he had to say was very interesting.

For once, the posties were relatively pleased with the Tories. Royal Mail had authorised Saturday overtime to deliver their election address. This wasn't the free distribution each candidate standing is entitled to as part of our postal service's contribution to the democratic process. This was something the Tories had purchased. Not surprising considering how thin their activist base is these days.

One problem. It never showed up. The thousands of glossy leaflets due for delivery did not turn up at the local office. So, in effect, dozens of posties enjoyed their Saturday doing their shopping and perhaps having a flutter on the nags while being paid overtime rates for it. Well done the Tories.

That's not the end of the story. It seems this failure of delivery didn't affect just Stafford, but a good chunk of the West Midlands too. Doing that would cost well over £100,000, and one assumes that because they missed the deadline the Tories will have to fork out the same again if they want this piece of literature on people's doormats.

So not only is the Conservative campaign falling apart politically, they can't even have a leaflet ready in time. What a complete shambles.

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