Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Five Most Read Posts in March

The most popular posts last month were:

1. Why Dave Has Ruled Out a Third Term
2. The Great UFO Conspiracy
3. Is Labour Doomed?
4. Top 100 Tweeting MPs 2014-15
5. The Meaning of Jeremy Clarkson

Politics dominates proceedings again with Dave's silly announcement of his impending retirement. In this piece I go for an exotic slice of triangulation to explain his actions when in fact - self-criticism time - I overlooked the obvious: that Dave banked on his announcement to making him look normal and ever-so-slightly self-deprecating. Still, can't get it all right all the time. My look at More4's The Great UFO Conspiracy was a welcome foray into Forteana - and the audience out there seemed to agree. And my lengthy piece on the demise or otherwise of Labour also pulled the numbers in. It's good to know one's musings are more than just braying into a void.

As March 2015 forever slips into the darkness of the archives, are there a couple of posts worth retrieving for a second look? As someone else forcefully put it lately, hell yes. Three in fact. They are Was there anything Liberal about the Tory/LibDem Coalition, Why the Establishment Loves Jeremy Clarkson, and (lastly) Is Red Nose Day Secretly Subversive? I can't well leave out last night's post, either.

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