Saturday 1 November 2014

Five Most Popular Posts for October

Most read this month were:

1. How to Eradicate UKIP
2. Russell Brand, Narcissist and Comrade?
3. Recomposing Labour
4. Goffman and the Sociology of Video Games
5. The Great High Speed White Elephant

What is this? A post about the SWP doesn't make the list? Nope, it just missed out vs HS2. Might it reveal that the new audience this blog has acquired since the Scottish referendum prefer proper politics to Trotty tittle-tattle? We can but hope.

Yes, speaking of audience this month's has grown again, giving the blog its fourth highest-ever page view total. Jolly jolly good good. Having plenty to blog about re: UKIP and Russell Brand's latest political adventures helped. Who knows what the next month might bring? I was also very pleased to see the Goffman post get a look in. Amazingly, as far as I know, there is absolutely no scholarly activity using interactionism in the way that quick set of musings indicated, so perhaps I'll work on that some more alongside the other projects I'm working on.

Right, who deserves a second chance this month? I'm going for three picks this time - How Labour Can See Off the Greens is self-explanatory. But the answer, in case any "mainstream" labour movement people are reading this, does not involve ultra-left bingeism. The second is Lamenting Lamont, looking at the meltdown of Scottish Labour. And lastly - how could I not? - it's time to channel our inner David Brents: Sociology and Management Speak.

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