Monday 20 October 2014

UKIP Calypso

Words do not yet exist that adequately sum up what an ear-bleeding travesty this cacophonous cack is.


Anonymous said...

it's like shoving rusty ukelele strings DIRECTLY INTO YOUR BRAIN!!!!

stephen marks said...

apart from the [lack of] musical qualities and also the racism, it repeats some classic UKIP factoids - implying that being in the EU somehow limits our ability to trade with the rest of the world, and that being out of the EU would affect the number of illegal immigrants. But judging from the sort of comments one sees from them on social media, your average 'kipper' is actively hostile to facts, regarding them as an elitist liblabcom conspiracy by the establishment elite - a typically lumpenfascist attitude [he said, revealing his elitism].

Chris said...

Why do the elitist liblabcom speak of hostility to facts when they should be saying hostility to critical analysis.

Facts imply absolute truth and imply a lack of thinking equal to that of the lumpenfascists. There is the fact, accept it!

There is nothing worse than an liblabcombot playing the elitism card while showing their own inadequacies.