Wednesday 1 October 2014

Five Most Popular Posts for September

Most read this month were:

1. British Trotskyism and Scottish Independence
2. An Open Letter to Yes-Voting Socialists
3. The UK's Would-Be Assassins
4. Seven Leftwing Reasons for Staying With Us
5. The Spectrum of Misogyny

For the umpteenth time, a post about that most relevant of movements, British Trotskyism, emerges victorious in the page view wars. It never ceases to surprise me how much of a market, if it could be described as such, exists for ruminations on its comings and goings. Well, I suppose there's an argument to be made for regarding ex-Trots as Britain's biggest politics tribe.

It has been a very busy month round the blog all told. As most of the left in Scotland were aboard the independence bandwagon, socialist arguments against separation were few and far between. I guess this blog was one of the handful putting forward that view.

Everyone deserves a second chance, so here are a couple you may have previously missed. What Next for Politics? looked at official politics in the immediate aftermath of the referendum and how it impacts the fortunes of the Tories, Labour, UKIP and the so-called '45 Movement'. The other is a bit more weighty and also has a question to ask: Does Globalisation Breed Nationalism?

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