Wednesday 29 October 2014

The Monstrosity of Management Speak

I'm writing a wee piece about the sociology of management speak, which should arrive tomorrow. To help me out, I asked Facebook folk if they could give me some examples. A few came in but chief among them all was this, this ... abomination. I don't know if thanks is the right word, but props to @gareth_snell nonetheless. 
I can sense the synergy of your post but you probably ought to drill down into the real nuts 'n' bolts of the issue to pick the low hanging fruit. Once you've done that, we can touch base offline and reassess your strategic staircase to ensure that you're reaching maximum exposure because the contents of your idea cloud really need to be cascaded down, perhaps through a thought shower, into the wider workplace. Once complete we can action a stakeholder engagement session to really push the envelope and explore some proper out-of-the-box thinking that can ultimately lead to a win-win situation.
Somebody shoot me.

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Mark Walmsley said...

I'm honestly and truly "initiating meaningful outreach" today. Between gazing out of the window.