Tuesday 3 June 2014

Is Labour for Independence a SNP Front?

Naughty, naughty.



Anonymous said...

This is old news. Yes supporters standing beside pro-independence banner is hardly a surprise. Labour has very few activists in Scotland and most that remain toe the party line extremely loyally. Plenty of Labour 2010 voters voted SNP in 2011 and many will vote Yes in September. Labour's simplistic and tribalist nat-bashing over the years has alienated many natural supporters. I expect No will win comfortably but they have very few footsoldiers, rely on money from England and Labour's unity with the Con-Dems is not a pretty sight.

Jim Denham said...

Anonymous: you haven't really addressed the issues of deliberate fraud, misprepresentation and impersonation by the SN P, have you. And these are the people who so shrilly and self-righteously accuse their opponents of negative campaigning!

jimboo said...

Well when three SNP councillors ar pictured holding a Labour For Scotland banner it does seem a bit dodgy. SNP members are distributing the leaflets. The SNP YES campaign is mainly funded by Euro (British) (English) Lottery winnings plus cash from some very right wing characters. The British better together campaign is backed by British money. Now here is a good example of identity politicas. The Bannockburn Celebrations have had to tear up two thirds of their tickets and get help from the Scottish government as the majority of people are flocking to the Armed Forces Day celebrations in Stirling instead. There is a good chance that the Bannockburn will be viewed by members of the diaspora in the main.

Anonymous said...

This is typical of the SNP. At best it's dishonest and worse it's fraud It is also deeply hypocritical of the SNP to whinge about negative campaigining

Anonymous said...

The No campaign is funded by English Tories. The Yes campaign is funded in Scotland.

The Euromillions covers France, Spain and many more and can't see why folk are so bitter that a genuine Yes supporter is giving money freely without cynicism:


Many Labour voters are voting Yes. Is Labour for independence a small group? Yes. Is it an SNP front? No. I had a UCU member on my Unison picket line in October- was that fraud and misrepresentation?

I agree it's hypocritical for any politician tomoan about negative campaigning but it has to be said the No campaign is exceptionally negative.

The Bannockburn event is a Homecoming event aimed at tourists and costs money- up to £60 a ticket. Armed Forces Day is free and will doubtless be popular with the families of 2 of Scotland's 3 RAF bases which the UK government is closing.

Anonymous said...

Like I said: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-27737476

jimboo said...

The no campaign actually does not exist, its a farce only validated by the weakness of YES, the reality is it is one bunch of middle class men fighting with another bunch of middle class men over the crumbs left by global capital. Not actually voting as it would validate a system not worth the effort.