Sunday 1 June 2014

Five Most Popular Posts for May

The five most popular posts last month were:

1. The Meaning of Conchita Wurst
2. UKIP's Lizzy Vaid and Revenge Porn
3. The Coming Death of the New Misogyny
4. Why the BBC Loves UKIP
5. Lazy Thinking and the Election Results

Amazing, nothing about the far left made it into the top five! It's all good, old fashioned commentary about the cultural and political issues that have exercised the popular imagination. While it makes a nice change, I am especially gratified to see the misogyny post do well - especially in light of the murderous hate crimes committed by its new poster boy, Elliot Rodger.

Understandably, given the boost UKIP have had this month a couple of related pieces clambered up the pile. How will they fair in Newark this Thursday? Will it come within a whisker of taking the seat, demonstrating that - again - had Farage not lost his bottle he'd be packing up his Brussels office and heading to Westminster? And more importantly, how will Elvis Loves Pets poll?

As ever, a couple of things deserve a second look. First is yesterday's post on the perverse games Stoke City Council (and all local authorities) have to play to attract investment and spur regeneration. The second is UKIP as an outpouring of English nationalism - though winning a Euro seat in Scotland and coming second in Wales shows it might not be as English as commentators tend to think it is.

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