Tuesday 1 April 2014

Five Most Popular Posts for March

The five most popular posts for the month were:

1. Niall Ferguson's Alternate Great War
2. Why Some Labour People Don't Like Blair
3. Ukraine and the Threat of War
4. Left Unity and the Labour Movement
5. ULU and Marxism 2014

Niall Ferguson's brain teasing 'what if?' commanded most views this last month. I suppose his "debate" with other eminent historians will be something of an outlier when it comes to First World War programming between now and August. However much the coming procession of documentaries lament the slaughter, I doubt a single one of them will question whether the war was necessary or justified. I was also quite pleased to see my Blair post do well. Those who apologise for him almost understand why Iraq counts against him, but they remain blind to his other political shortcomings.

Does anything deserve a second look? Certainly. Let me be immodest and say that it all does. But particularly there's this piece on BBC bias. Speaking of which, folk waiting for a follow up to the old Question Time bias piece will be waiting a wee while - I'm working it up as a paper for publication in a disciplinary journal. I'll keep you posted about that. The primary data is sorted, I've just got to write the ruddy thing.

But in truth, it has been a trying month blog-wise - losing two labour movement giants and getting tickled by the flu stick didn't help. But keep watching this space, there's plenty in the pipeline for April. There might even be another video game review and some more guitars ...

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Gary Elsby said...

Was the Kaiser 'stabbed in the back'?
Was the German army (who didn't lose WW1 'stabbed in the back'?
Was Ludendorph and Hindenberg right to claim they were 'stabbed in the back' (by the Jews)?
Was Hitler right in promoting his career on the belief that Germany was 'stabbed in the back'?
Was the initial (British Officer/journalist) comment of Germany being 'stabbed in the back' the right thing to say to Officers (Ludendorph) looking for a scapegoat?

The post war Jewish, German Communist Leader, Rosenberg was rifle butted to death for her 'Marxist' anti war speeches on the streets of Germany