Tuesday 1 April 2014

Farewell Frankie Knuckles

I was hoping it was a cruel April Fool's joke when I saw it on Twitter this morning. Unfortunately, no. I am gutted that Frankie Knuckles - a man weighing in at just 59 years of age - has been cruelly snatched away. For the non-dance people who frequent these parts, to house music he was the Beatles, Black Sabbath and ABBA combined, except more important than that. He arguably invented the genre that paved the way for the world domination of dance music. It's an awful, awful shame that Frankie has died so young. 

What better way to remember his immortal legacy by chewing your way through his library of singles and remixes? The little ditty below is his 1996 remix of the boring Toni Braxton ballad, Unbreak My Heart. In his hands it went from dreary to one of the best house tracks of the 1990s.

So long, Frankie.


admin said...

Beatles, Abba, yes.
Sabbath? A peer.

Alex said...

I'm afraid even Frankie couldn't save that one. There's just TOO MUCH DULL.