Friday 11 April 2014

Desireless - Voyage Voyage

Constituency meeting this evening rules out substantive blogging. So wrap your ears around this, an excellent ditty only connoisseurs of French 80s pop are likely to have encountered.


Anonymous said...

Thanks. I'd take issue with the requirement to be a connoisseur to know this one. This was a big hit familiar to most Brits (indeed most west Europeans) over 35. Bigger still was Vanessa Paradis' "Joe le taxi" which had a lot of media coverage. By contrast, a band like The Smiths who are constantly name-checked on nostalgia TV never had a top 5 hit single.

Phil said...

I'm over 35 and was only dimly aware of it - and that's probably thanks to Soma FM rather than my then diet of TOTP and the Chart Show.

It is always interesting how the now overwrites the yesterday to produce a canon of the past. Who in the early 80s had heard of Don't Stop Believin'?