Tuesday 13 August 2013

The Most 90s Video Ever?

Amber may only be remembered by a few hardcore eurodisco geeks, but she might have inadvertently distilled the 1990s in her 1996 release, This Is Your Night.

I'm not just talking about the video but the song as well. Okay, by the time it came out its sound was about three years off trend. Small wonder it didn't bother the UK charts. But it has a charm redolent of Culture Beat, Maxx, 2 Unlimited and La Bouche. All that's missing is the "techno, techno, techno".


Evan said...

It did much better down under, getting to #11 in Australia and #40 in New Zealand. In Spain, it got to #3!

Thank you wikipedia!

Phil said...

You ever boogied to it, Evan?

Evan said...

No, in 1996 I was transitioning from metalhead to indie kid.

Phil said...

Haha, I think I was beginning a transition in the opposite direction!