Thursday 1 August 2013

Five Most Popular Posts for July

The five most read posts of the month were:

1. Martin Smith Resigns from the SWP
2. Islam and the New Atheists
3. MPs on Twitter
4. Rape Threats, Twitter, and Masculinity
5. Owen Jones is Worse than Hitler

You can pretty much guarantee that when the SWP are having a spot of bother, thousands of people come charging this way in search of a bit of commentary and/or gossip. Now it appears the Socialist Party too are having difficulties, it will be interesting to see if my planned post on that this month will attract similar numbers. Or is it that "popular" sectology is confined to the SWP?

Regards my pick of the month that deserves a little more love, it has to be Tuesday's Bedroom Tax at the High Court.

Just one quick further note, I haven't been commenting a great deal in response to readers' replies of late. Time being as it is I've had to make the toss up between writing new content and replying. Naturally, I've chosen to go with the former. But as things change I will become the more gracious, considerate host and you should see me popping up with greater frequency in the comments boxes.


Facing Reality said...

Judging by the number of hits to my new blog recently, it hard to imagine the SP achieving the same interest

Phil said...

It's interesting. People who leave the SP tend not, as a general rule, have as much of an axe to grind.