Wednesday 1 May 2013

Five Most Popular Posts for April

The five most read posts of the month were:

1. A Vile Product
2. The Demonisation of Paris Brown
3. Thatcher
4. A Quick Note on Ed Miliband and George Galloway
5. Dogging and Dogging Tales

Thatcher passes into the night and still the two hideous Daily Mail scandals from the last four weeks trump her. An unremarkable post pushing a common sense interpretation on the "secret" meeting between EdM and Gorgeous George got a surprising amount of traction while my pondering of, ahem, dogging pulled in the numbers too. I always knew you were a mucky lot. What will feature next month? Your guess is as good as mine. Though I will endeavour to respond to comments more. I've been somewhat tardy in that department of late.

There are quite a few April posts I think are deserving of a wider audience, but I'll inflict two on you. North Korea and the Drums of War argues that Kim Jong-un isn't crackers and is pursuing a strategy that makes perfect sense from the standpoint of the North's interests. The second is The State and Anti-Racism, a chin-strokey piece on capitalism, racism, the state and changing British nationalism.

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