Thursday 2 May 2013

County Council Elections 2013


Gary Elsby said...


Howard Fuller said...

Borrowed your image, hope you don't mind!

Anonymous said...


Because they're so well educated, our natural betters - born to it, aren't they?


Speedy said...

The unreported story is: disaster for Labour.

The party should have knocked the Tories for six but made paltry gains.

The big news was UKIP but what people don't get is there was a massive vote FOR THE RIGHT.

These people will come back to the Tories for the Westminster vote. The conservative vote may be split but it is (mostly) not stupid.

If Labour was as pragmatic as the Tories, Milliband would be walking the plank now - instead it will take a lost election.

What a waste!

One further observation - Europe is a false flag. No one gives a toss about that.

I would posit immigration was the decisive factor, probably for the first time in UK politics.

Phil said...

You're wrong, Speedy. And I will elaborate in an upcoming blog post.

In the mean time, for those who say Labour hasn't got any policies here is a list, supplied by Michael Meacher, of what the party is committed to so far:
Labour has already promised to:

- Repeal the Health and Social Care Act (otherwise known as the NHS privatisation Act)
- Build 125,000+ homes
- Regulate private rents
- Promote a Living Wage for public sector workers and shame the private sector into following that lead
- Offer a minimum 33-40 per cent cut in tuition fees
- Limit rail fare increases to one per cent
- Reimpose the 50p rate of income tax for the super-rich
- Impose a mansion tax on the rich
- Repeat the bankers’ bonus tax
- Reverse the bedroom tax
- Scrap Workfare and replace it with a ‘compulsory’ Jobs Guarantee
- Offer a VAT cut or a ‘temporary’ VAT holiday
- Implement the High Pay Commission report in its entirety
- Scrap Ofgem and bring in proper energy price regulation
- Break up the banks and set up a National Investment Bank
- Support mining communities and clean coal technology.

Gary Elsby said...

"Promote a Living Wage for public sector workers and shame the private sector into following that lead"

Meanwhile back in totally Labour dominated Stoke-on-Trent, reality and truth kicks in.

The living wage is adopted but weekend pay and night pay along with other enhancements is being forced through.
Holidays must be taken without pay.

Personally Phil I don't know how you can vote for this shit and I can't for the life of me see how you can expect me to vote for Labour either.

You keep telling us Phil that we must vote Labour to get rid of something much worse, such as the Tories.

Wow, you've got one serious problem mate.

Phil said...

I'm not going to defend everything the Council does though, I note, neither you nor the army of critics have offered any decent alternative to the course so far taken.

Gary Elsby said...

No alternatives to work without pay?

Take a look at the ballot paper on May 5th 2015 to see if we don't have any alternatives to work without pay!

How low can you get?