Wednesday 8 May 2013

Cleveland Abductions

It's a heart-warming story. Three young women, long since given up for dead by the authorities are found alive and well 10 years after their disappearance. It's a horrific story. Three young women are abducted and subjected to a decade of imprisonment, degradation, sexual abuse and forced pregnancy.

Guess which bits the media have focused on.


Gary Elsby said...

Karl Marx's birthday(sponsored by PFI double glazing)?

Chapter IIIXVVVI- Why workers should work for free and be grateful, including Christmas day.

Chapter IIIXVVVII-Why bosses must be allowed massive pay rises and not work overtime, and we should be grateful also.

Phil said...

Another non-sensical contribution.

Gary Elsby said...

If you ask an absurd question.....

Can I remind you Trissy, who let al the immigrants in?

How we laughed.