Thursday 7 March 2013

UK Eurovision Entry 2013

And drawing the short straw this time is ... Bonnie Tyler:

Well that was insipid. Will the UK ever enter a decent song again?

Eurovision is taking place this year on Saturday May 26th. Expect the traditional run down/commentary before then.


jimboo said...

No Platform For The BBC.

Helen GB said...

You ask "Will the UK ever enter a decent song again ?" I don't understand the again part of the question.


Phil said...

Our Bonnie has a good set of lungs on her. So why has she been handed this wet kipper of a ballad?

Gary Elsby said...

I quite like the lyrics and the melody.
It will get No.1 in most Countries that like Western styles of music.

Bonnie has done a good song justice and sung it very well.
It really is catchy.

The new public telephone voting system is not favouring us for a while now, as was proven by the Continent succesful Englebert.

Phil said...

I think that had more to do with his song being a) out of step with popular music, b) Eastern European nations entering commercially successful acts across the wider region, and c) it being crap.

I fear Bonnie will suffer the same fate.

Alex Ross said...

We went to one of the semis and the grand final in Baku last year - which was pretty fun despite there being no bar (we learned the hard lessons from the semis and smuggled in vodka for the final as sober Eurovision is just weird and surreal!!).

Giving it a miss this year as Sweden is just too expensive and a wee bit dull (sorry to any Swedes!!) although will still be glued to the telly.

Hoping for an anyone-but-Scandinavian/Northern European victory this year!

Phil said...

I quite liked 'Euphoria'. A bit redolent of euphoric trance - as if the name suggested otherwise.

Gary Elsby said...

The popular music you speak of is very much Swedish, considering they seem to be dominating the written part of Eurovision.
The Euphoria entry was total rip off from a British song (which will come to me soon).
Englebert's song was a very good song (swedish and by the same guys who wrote Blunt's No.1 worldwide smash hit).
Calls flooded the BBC demanding to be withdrawn from future contests due to political voting.
A wrong call, if I may say.
I stand by the voting methods not favouring British choices.
Of course, British music that dominates worldwide, seems to be losing out to modern methods of twittering, but we are fighting back with new and proper boy bands being bigger than the Beatles ever were.

Forgive me for throwing up at this point all over your blog.

It appears that dance music is the way to win a Eurovision contest (why not?) but if you want an Oscar you have to sing like Adelle.
(I've stopped throwing up).

Personally, I think that 2012-13 British songs are very good songs and sung well.
But the modern contest appears to be about downloads and commercial success run out 6 months beforehand.
Which has nothing to do with a Eurovision song contest at all.