Friday 1 March 2013

FIve Most Popular Posts for February

The five most-read posts of last month were:

1. Support for SWP Central Committee Statement
2. SWP: The End is Nigh
3. How Not to Write About Catholicism
4. The Real Cost of the Bedroom Tax
5. Englishness and Suburbia

As predicted last month, the SWP proved to be front and centre in February. It never ceases to amaze how posts about an organisation with the revolutionary potential of my cat's litter tray can command large audience numbers. As an out-and-proud sect watcher, it's heartening to know many thousands of others share this little quirk, albeit quietly and furtively. With the drama set to resolve itself in fireworks and recrimination in 11 days time, don't be surprised to see a SWP-related post or two knocking about the top end of the monthly chart come April.

The one post that didn't make the list but fully deserves a larger audience is Remembering Stalingrad.

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