Tuesday 5 March 2013

Hugo Chavez, 1954 - 2013


Anonymous said...

Shocked. Saddened. Inspired.

Salman Shaheen said...

“Whenever death may surprise us, let it be welcome if our battle cry has reached even one receptive ear and another hand reaches out to take up our arms.”

- Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara

Gary Elsby said...

I wonder if Eric Pickles would have given Hugo 'no other option' but to close care homes?

Personally, I think Hugo may have told Eric to f*** off, on behalf of the left.

I remember brother 'A' telling of victories over Tories if we 'take to the streets'
Today, brother 'A' shuts care homes.

Chris said...

Very very sad news. Let us hope that all the great work he did can be continued.

RIP Hugo

Phil said...

I'm sure that had I blogged about the middle-aged married couple being sought for the Mars shot, Gary would still relate it to local politics in Stoke and the conspiracy to bring back the mayor.

I admire your consistency Gary. A few short years ago you were denouncing some people for wanting to 'do a Liverpool'. Now you're luxuriating in irrelevance you've found your conscience again.

But anyway, this is supposed to be about Chavez. It is worth noting he was able to do what he did because he stood at the head of a mass socialist movement of millions. Something that, sadly, we lack in Britain today.

Gary Elsby said...

How can you expect me to have a view of Hugo Chavez without offering any views of him and any comparisons with others who either praise or contradict him?

Did Hugo change his views, his inner beliefs, or did he 'sell out' because great power requires great responsibility?

I think the answer to that Phil, is that he didn't. Neither has Fidel (although his brother tinkers).

I have not and never have done, supported the 1980's Liverpool way of doing things.
I'm afraid Phil, that was a preposterous attempt to undermine my thoughts, views and actions.

You have been swayed very quickly, it seems, into believing that this way, is the only way to do things.
Possibly because that is what you have been told.

I prefer to judge the quality of the person and politician standing before me on how many alternative options they present to solve a common problem.

An illiterate politico will run out a story that it is Eric.

A reasonable politician will say, yes, but!

A good one will run out an alternative budget after putting in three or more other ways to balance the account.

I will remind you once more, that I wrote my own manifesto in 2010.

2.Elderly Care.

TThree years on, the NATIONAL Labour Party starts to run with 2 of those, when ignoring them previously.
Labour's elederly care plans (cashing in on dead people in a dead man's tax) is really quite sickening to read.

I stick to my values I had previously, Phil, regardless of any knocks I may get along the way.

Your own set of values appears to be at odds with what we all know of you.

We are eight weeks from total closure of a 100% Centre of Excellence for the elderly here in Stoke-on-Trent.
Gwen says it's all covered in the community.

Not a single person has been employed to date.

In my day Phil, we beat Thatcher.
You shut care homes and sack people.

I'll let others judge for themselves on honesty, integrity and loyalty for their cause.

Phil said...

I think it's a touch preposterous to compare Chavez to Pervez, Gary. As would anyone with an ounce of reason.

Gary Elsby said...

Phil I forgot to mention that I ran out my manifesto calling for a curb on immigration figures, which was a huge problem for Labour for ten years.

I was hammered all day and night for being a Nazi.

Read what Labour is now putting out in 2013.

A curb on immigration is a bit bland and we need a proper approach to what is required as a nett figure.

So it reads:

6. Immigration.

As a favour, I'll let Labour see my 2015 manifesto (to drool over)as well as my 100 pages of pure slander I intend to put out across this City.