Monday 25 October 2010

Tristram Hunt Election Photos

As regular readers know, this blog doesn't do adverts. And if it did, they probably wouldn't be the best adverts in the world. But on this occasion I'm going to make an exception seeing as I have a product to plug directly involving me.

To say the cloud of controversy hung over this Spring's election campaign in Stoke Central would be an understatement. The dust had barely settled from a prolonged dispute between the dominant faction in the Constituency Labour Party and the regional organisation. This resulted in a split and the fielding of a self-styled independent Labour candidate. Our sitting MP decided, late in the day, to step down from Parliament. There was the perception the BNP were breathing down our necks. And then Tristram Hunt was selected as our prospective parliamentary candidate after a selection process one could euphemistically describe as far from ideal. Despite this a creditable campaign was put together at very short notice and we worked the constituency as hard as resources allowed. And to Tristram's credit he got thoroughly stuck in.

For the final week of campaigning my good friend and comrade-in-arms Andrew Conroy shadowed us as we pounded the streets and planned the next move in HQ. The hundreds of photos he took have been condensed down into a photography book, which launches today.

Candidate is a photographic portrait of the campaign moments that saw the seat returned to Labour. It gives you a glimpse into the crucible Tristram was thrust into. But also a sense of the work that goes into retaining a nominally safe constituency. And, of course, the book is suffused with imagery typical of the constituency. It is both a candid portrait of Tristram Hunt and Stoke-on-Trent.

Candidate carries a foreword I've penned placing the campaign in the context of the Labour Party's political and Stoke-on-Trent's industrial decline.

Samples from
Candidate are available to view here.

Hard copies are only available in small numbers. To obtain one, you can either contact me at the usual address available through my Blogger profile (remember to remove the 'NOSPAM') or from Andrew's contact details

Andrew also has a photo blog you might want to spend some time looking at


Gary Elsby said...

The photographs make it all look loneley.
Is this because yet another round of Labour stalwarts have just resigned from Stoke Central?

Phil said...

Can you relate to that loneliness, Gary? ;)

Speaking in a strictly personal capacity, if by "stalwarts" you mean people not seen campaigning or at a party meeting for a number of years, then yes, there has been a couple of such resignations.

Gary Elsby said...

Would you stay when such minutes include: "Those socialists among you"?
Simply breathtaking.
To be honest, I consider the loss to the CLP of the Unison leader to be quite significant.
I gather a large group are to leave within days.

Our ranks fill by the day.

Anonymous said...

Yes your ranks are going to fill with the normal lazy 'activists' that do sweet F.A. all year round, and do nothing during the elections.

Such a loss to Stoke-on-Trent Central.

My heart bleeds

Gary Elsby said...

If you say so.

Minutes Stoke Central:'The City Party has been all member meetings since 2008'


The City Party has never been 'all member' and has always (50 years) been delegate based. This ensures fair representation from individuals, branches and CLPs (therin lies the Regions problem).
But what to do to further the Birmingham cause?
The 'new' City Party first met in June 2009 on an 'appointed' basis.

For those not sure of what appointed means in Labourspeak, it means a kangaroo court filled with yesmen and nodding donkeys having no back up from members anywhere or from the Trades Unions.

Mark Walmsley said...

Is it too cruel to suggest a caption for the cover picture along the lines of "the search for a Waitrose continues?" :)