Thursday 14 October 2010

Chilean Miners

Unambiguously a good news story. This footage courtesy of Russia Today.

More from Harpymarx and Union Futures.


jgw said...

The rescue of the Chilean miners is a victory for cooperation and solidarity. The market played not a single part in their rescue, although it played a large part in causing their plight in the first place.

James Bloodworth said...

Excellent conclusion.

Unfortunately though you can be sure the 24 hour news media will again revert to type and ignore 99.9% of all accidents affecting workers around the world due to shody workplace safety.

I notice they're "moving on" now a little - it's a bit like "let's not talk about that negative stuff; let's just be happy they're rescued" - ignoring that this should have never happened in the first place.

Derek Wall said...

Protest at LSE 6PM against Chilean President in support of Mapuche!