Tuesday 19 October 2010

Best Blog Ever

I've not long come across this utterly amazing blog. The RNCPGB(ML) - Revolutionary New Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) - appears to be the latest hardcore Stalinist new kid on the (eastern) block. It combines slavish support for the countries of actually-existing socialism with the sub-Spart ranty style of the Brarites, and overdoses on "anti-revisionist" revolutionary identity politics.

Or does it?

In the post celebrating
the anointment of the North Korean "Young Leader" Kim Jong-un, it writes:
The RNCPGBML has come under fire recently from unlikely sources, ranging from the ultra-revisionist CPB to the now fully Trotskyite embracing ‘CPGB-ML’ for its shoulder to shoulder solidarity with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea ... Whatever the criticisms these microscopic Chernenkite-Wałęsaist maggots have of the government of the DPRK, forever on their ‘blogs’ and ‘websites’, we ask these so called ‘communists’ to respect democracy.
'Chernenkite-Wałęsaist maggots' has to be the best leftist insult ever.

A post titled
how dare these people mock the glorious red liberation army of people's China?!! makes this telling observation:
... the enemy has poured millions of dollars into that factory of lies and falsification called Hollywood. Who amongst us hasn’t, at family Christmas dinner, shouted “Imperialist filth!” at our television screens as some James Bond or Rambo film dared to come into our homes?
On Erich Honecker:
Perhaps some of our number would categorise this man as a dirty revisionist secret banana eater, who enjoyed erotic dancers while entertaining Mikhail Gorbachev and his filthy, vile, capitalist, unhuman, sickly, gypsy-loving, proletarian-democracy-hating, berlin-wall-despising crap.
And lastly, from Portugal's seven-nil drubbing of the North Korean footy team in the World Cup:
The latest attack by imperialism on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea comes from an unlikely source. Events from the past few days have now proved beyond all doubt that the Portugal 7-0 DPRK football result was a total fabrication and possibly the biggest hoax since the Srebrenicia massacre.
I'm really stumped.

Is the RNCPGB(ML) a work of evil satirical genius or a bona fide gaggle of Enverist moon howlers?


skidmarx said...

Their Lenin quote, even if it talks only of cinema and not of circuses, which is more accuracy thatn I've seen elsewhere at times. Send in the clowns.

Madam Miaow said...


Who of us, indeed, haven't hurled a proletarian brick (rather than the revisionist shoe favoured by nationalist scum) at the television or wireless when assailed by Chernenkite-Wałęsaist maggots or Claire Fox?

Anonymous said...

definitely satire
and brilliant satire at that!

modernity said...

Don't worry, it will soon appear at SU blog, under the stream of Eastern Bloc nostalgia.... :)

James Bloodworth said...

"Nicolae & Elena Ceausescu need no introduction. Yes, to some of our number they might have appeared as pro-Western, monarchy-loving, anti-Soviet, Stalin-betraying, quasi-Imperialist stooges, but they put up a good fight until the end!"

Great site and surely satire. Surely...

Lawrence Shaw said...

This has to be a piss take. I know there are some fantastically deluded souls on our part of the political spectrum, but surely this cannot be real.

Either way, it is absolutely magnificent - better even than the Private Eye "Comrade Brown" caricature.

Anonymous said...

"the now fully Trotskyite embracing ‘CPGB-ML’"

lol that's even better than 'Chernenkite-Wałęsaist maggots' if you've ever leafed through Proletarian.

Joseph Edwards said...

This is pretty definitely a parody - typical infantile cosmopolitanist-revisionist-Private Eyeist slurs - although I've always found the output of the entirely unironic Maoist-Third Worldists amazing at times.

andy newman said...

These RNCPGM(ML) comrades are clearly deeply immersed in Western anti-socialist liberalism, when they refer to the anti-fascist Protection wall, as the "Berlin Wall"

Egg on your face said...

If we're talking about the best blog ever, conversely can I give an example that points to one of the worst?

Here’s a wonderful example of very bad taste, and a nice example of someone trolling and posting fraudulent material on his own blog! Good job the person he is pretending to be is psuedonymous, otherwise he could be in legal trouble.


Clue: On this blog posters are identified partly by their avatar. To see the fraud, start from the bottom of the comments and work upwards, and note that the idiot concerned, Max Dunbar, uses an eye for his avatar.

Entdinglichung said...

brilliant stuff ... but the Communist International
is unfortunately real ;-(