Thursday 4 February 2010

Defend Tory Politico!

It's not very often I rush to the defence of a Tory, but in the following case it is absolutely necessary to do so.

Mid-table Conservative Party blogger Tory Politico has, incredibly, received a cease and desist order from a Washington DC law firm. They ludicrously claim on behalf of their client, Capital News Company, that US internet users would confuse Tory Politico's blog with their own Beltway-centered Politico website. I would suggest Dow Lohnes, the law firm acting for CNC, have a very low opinion of the politically interested American public.

Tory Politico takes apart the Dow Lohnes/CNC argument here and vows to fight the order. He is absolutely right to do so as CNC have form when it comes to this sort of thing. All bloggers, regardless of where we stand on the political spectrum should back him anyway we can.


EFComrade said...

I hate tories as much as much as the next sensible person but I unfortunately think you are right Phil.

Of course though being an activist my next question is how? What can bloggers do practically?

Phil said...

A lot of it is determined by the actions he decides to take. But what can be done, as was shown with the Trafigura/Carter-Ruck case, is give it publicity. Legal bullies rely on their official-sounding letters and threats of financial ruination to shut people up. The last thing they want is attention drawn to their activities.

andy newman said...

What doesn't help his case however, is that his blog DOES look like a bit theirs in term of layout and design.

AreRedDancersCatachingButterflysontheEdgeofChaos said...

Why dont you bloggers all add Politico to your names/ tags and campaign for all the rest of the politico blogs to do the same that will fuck them off.

Teaching the Tories about An Injury to One is an Injury to all eh?! Good luck

You might just as esily allow the Tory tosser to twist in the cyber winds after all their ideology promotes all this internecine warfare comodification of words
0 and 1, patterns of sounds etc

ModernityBlog said...

ain't this the popular front taken to extremes!