Friday, 19 September 2008

The Socialist in Colour!

You may not have realised it if you read it online, but there's a flashy new (sort of) left paper on the block. The latest edition of The Socialist is the first time our paper has been splashed with colour. And what a looker it is. The Socialist Party has gone from having what was, in my humble opinion, a pretty drab looking paper, to one of the most nifty publications on the British left. Strictly in design terms it sustains a very favourable comparison with Socialist Worker too. If you're not a regular reader of The Socialist there's no better time to pick up a copy, especially as this issue is sure to become a collectors' item!

Get your copy here.


Anonymous said...

Why, why bother socialism in the UK is dead labour killed it.

big_d said...

have you noticed tall paul on the bottom right hand corner?

to anon: really??? I best go and join the tory party then.

Darren said...

Quick question: 2000 members? Yah or Nah?

I've heard 1200 quoted in recent months from people I know not to be bullshit merchants but someone over at Splinty is talking up 2000.

Open the books. ;-)

Phil BC said...

It's more than 1,200 but less than 2,000, going by the figures I saw a few weeks ago. I would tell you but for some reason comrades like to keep the figures close to their chests, so I'm afraid you're going to have to keep at the guessing game :P

Darren said...

It wasn't my guess. ;-)

One of your lot turned up in the comments box of splinty's blog and claimed 2000 members.

If that was the case you'd be breathing down the SWP's neck sometime in the near future.

Phil BC said...

Yeah, I've seen. It is quite possible we could be approaching that number - the last figure I saw was that given at conference for the number of members at the end of 2007. Speaking for my region, Stoke branch has had a growth spurt this summer, Birmingham, Cov, Worcester have all been putting on members and Shropshire has seen some quite dramatic growth, going from practically zero four years ago to quite a substantial branch, and is probably the fastest growing branch in the country. Outside of the Westmids I can't say, but if our experience is repeated across the country then the claim could well be correct.