Sunday, 14 September 2008

Slow Blogging

You may have noticed it's been a bit of a slow week on the old blog this last seven days. This is because Brother S has been busy organising the founding meeting of Stoke NSSN and I've been writing my PhD. Yes, that's right, I'm actually working on the blighter. Problem is my funding has run out so I now have to get by on an income that makes the paltry wages paid to Socialist Party full timers look a right princely sum. The sooner the thesis is done, the sooner I can be granted my doctorate and the quicker I get a decent job. At least that's the plan!

So, regrettably, that means this fine figure of a blog will be on a go slow for the forseeable future. AVPS is not being abandoned, far from it! But just expect the posting rate to be more sedate and measured. That said, I remember making a similar pledge at the beginning of this year, a pledge I didn't strictly adhere to. However, as seductive a post on the latest self-inflicted difficulties of the SWP is, I must resist and devote my efforts toward my model of radicalisation and commitment instead.

But there's plenty going on this week. There's Socialist Students stalls to be had. Leafleting to be done. Comrades to drink with. Meetings to go to and fascists to combat! I'm sure all this will be reflected in some bloggage somehow!


Chris S said...

A little post on the SWP wouldn't hurt surely? =D

Good look with Socialist Students stalls, freshers is looking to be a week of getting up early and going to bed late for a lot of us.

Vicky said...

Good luck with your thesis!

ModernityBlog said...

go on (Dr.) Phil!

that sounds a like good title for a TV show?

Phil said...

Someone's already beaten me to it. Dr Phil, catchphrase - "I've had a vasectomy, and I've had it reversed!", is typical of the moralising Jeremy Kyle-style US talk show host. If I were to have my own show my stage would only be occupied by socialists and other progressives, on themes such as 'what did you do in the great Galloway/SWP war?' and 'my wife cheated on me with a state cap!'

Ed said...

It's a shame, but in the later stages of a PhD you simply don't have time for anything else. It becomes an all-consuming obsession to get the thing finished and you'll become pale skinned sunlight dodging creature-of the night/hermit for a while - the silver lining is that once you hit this stage you know you're on the last lap. Good luck!

Merseymike said...

I agree with Ed. But some of us had to do our entire PhD part-time and didn't get any funding at all....I became literally nocturnal for the final three months. Your description is so apt!
No wonder I snarl 'DOCTOR' at anyone who dares to refer to me as 'Mister'