Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Just 17

This here is the top 20 left of centre blogs as voted for by those who participated in Iain Dale's annual poll of top UK-based political blogs. And would you Adam and Eve it, AVPS crashes in at number 17! See, look!

1. Tom Harris MP
2. Hopi Sen
3. Stumbling & Mumbling
4. Liberal Conspiracy
5. Recess Monkey
6. Luke Akehurst
7. LabourHome
8. Tom Watson MP
9. Ministry of Truth
10. Dave's Part
11. Sadie's Tavern
12. Harry's Place
13. SNP Tactical Voting
14. Socialist Unity
15. Paul Linford
16. Labour Outlook
17. A Very Public Sociologist
18. Obsolete
19. Ordovicius
20. Normblog

Hand on my copy of The Manifesto, I solemnly swear I'm aware of no multiple voting. Honest!

It is an interesting list though and it's good to see more proper leftists feature in the chart. But there's still way too many reformists, revisionists and renegades in there for my liking.

Right, I'm off for a celebratory green tea with Brother S ...


Duncan said...

Congratulations Phil!

Anonymous said...

Well, I was kinda surprised to feature in it at all esp. as Harpy Marx has only be going live since the middle of May and I staggered in at no. 72.... So, thanks to comrades who voted for me.

And of course, well done Phil...!!!!!

Phil said...

Overall, I think the quality of the list is much better than last years. Nearly all of them are actively blogging and seem like serious blogs. The problem is there's nowhere near enough revolutionary-types in the top 100. We're going to have to raise our game if we want to be taken more seriously.

Btw Louise, I voted for you ...

Imposs1904 said...

we will know you by the company that you keep. ;-)

congrats, phil.

Anonymous said...

Phil, I meant to say why are you celebrating by drinking green tea. Honestly, get some Bacardi Breezers down ya neck..... ;)

Thanks for the vote and I voted for you as well.

Leftwing Criminologist said...

i voted for both avps and harpy marx

Phil said...

We could have a love-in here, as I voted for you as well LC, lol.

Anonymous said...

"We could have a love-in here"

....and not with green tea I hope?

Phil said...

Oi, green tea is very dear to the hearts of me and Brother S. It is why we can still pass for svelte youths, I'll have you know!

Anonymous said...

Well, I am partial to chai tea.

Oh, but anyway, the youth of today...so well behaved....Not like in my days last century.

Anonymous said...

'Youth of today'. I like you harpymarx!

ModernityBlog said...

the Tory bastards I am 78 (close to my age)...I wanted to be 101 of 100

that will never do, I'd vote for Darren red star next, if I ever get to vote

Phil said...

Aha, number 57 in the overall chart too!

Squadron Leader said...

Pff, as if Lenin wasn't a revisionist...