Wednesday 14 March 2007


I awoke yesterday morning to find my life had changed forever.

Gone are the days when I could describe myself as being a dashing young fellow in his mid to late 20s, for this was the day I entered my 30s.

Yes, 30.

thirty, THIRTY.

OMG, I'm thirty.

What kind of age is thirty? What the hell does it mean to be thirty? Am I in the decade where I'm supposed to make good the promise I showed as a fresh-faced youth? Will it mean the debauchery I left behind at the start of my twenties will come back as the big four-zero approaches? Are my boyish good looks going to melt away? How much longer will my hair remain?

And what about my views? Seeking older and wiser counsel last week from people who have two more decades on me, they said the person you are at 30 is who you will be from here on in. Okay, I guess I'll be a revolutionary socialist into my 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond. What that unfortunately means is if I ever do sell out, I can look forward to an eternity of torment at the hands of my guilty conscience.

Whatever my thirties have in store for the good ship Phil BC I'll take it on the chin, and then run to my blog to winge about it.

And lastly many happy returns for yesterday for my fellow SP comrade and British Fash pin-up, Duncan Money. It pains me to know he's 11 years younger than me, sob!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your encouraging words comrade!

brother_f said...

well phill, now you're 30 you'll grow up and see how the world really works. I mean all that socialist stuff is a nice idea and all, but lets be practical- surely a man of your age and experience should become one of these armchair socialists who've 'done their bit', and that never really changed anything.

on the other hand 30 is just a number- I'm 23 and I still look older than you.


Duncan said...

Happy birthday for yesterday Phil, cheers for the mention.

I suppose I will find all your comments about being 30 and getting old a lot less funny in, say, 11 years time. I've got it all to look forward to.

You know I was just starting primary school when you were my age...

Anonymous said...


You forgot to add ...and then you die.

Honestly you can be some a grumpy old git sometimes...part of your charm :-)

Ignore him Phil, its not that bad really.

One word of advice though, never wear slippers.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear.

I've been wearing slippers since I left home at 18.

AN said...

I think slippers are OK in the privacy of your own home, but it isn't something to admit in public.

Anyway, you all make me feel very old.

stroppybird said...

NO NO NO slippers are bad.

Only children should wear slippers , if they must.


What about bad jumpers :-)

Leftwing Criminologist said...

See's March is the birthday month for SP bloggers, mine was on the 4th, and to be honest i don't set much in store by these big milestones, I just reached 21 and feel nothing different, and for some bizarre reason keep thinking that I should be about 19 ish. Never was good with my age changing. Anyway, the only difference I see for people reaching 30 or 40 is that people usually make jokes about you being old. Anyway, happy birthday. Although, I'm not a huge fan of birthdays (see here do have a good one

John A said...

*makes mental note of all the incriminating evidence about bed and cocoa at 11*

Happy birthday Phil: no doubt your birthday drinks will arrive at the next socialist bloggers' meetup

stroppybird said...


I have not seen any sign of cocoa at chez Oslers and if I did it would end up in the bin :-)

It really is not as grim as the old git paints it !!

oh and yes Phil, you must come to the next bloggers drinkies on 14th April - see kits site.