Thursday 1 March 2007

Support the Burslem Posties!

Please send messages of support! (Just remove NOSPAM from the addresses below)


Burslem Posties stand firm against victimisation.

Since before Christmas, postal bosses in North and Mid Staffordshire have attempted to replace full time jobs with part time ones. But after 6 days of strike action by 700 posties across 11 depots, managers have been forced to back down.

Despite continuous intimidation by management, posties at the Burslem depot have been at the forefront of this fight to defend jobs, pay and conditions.

In a pathetic attempt to save face, management wrongly accused and suspended 62 year old Burslem postie, Dave Condliffe, of abusive behaviour. In response, Burslem posties walked out for four days unofficial action and because of management’s continued intransigence have now voted in favour of further strike action by 67 votes to 8. If the victimised postie is not reinstated strike action will take place on the 8/9/10 of March followed by a further 3 days on 12/13/14 of March.

This action will be supported by many other workers across the area who also have to put up with management intimidation on a daily basis. Victimisation is a familiar tool used by bosses to try to isolate and divide workers. It must be fought by maximum unity among all workers.

· No to management intimidation
· No to victimisation
· Reinstate Dave Condliffe now

Send messages of support to CWU. Midland No 7, Lindsay Street Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent ST1 4EP. Fax 01782 272978. Telephone 01782 285833. E-mail with a copy to

Andy Bentley, Stoke Socialist Party

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