Tuesday, 22 November 2022

An Introduction to Foucault

Plans for a discussion of Keir Starmer's immigration speech got canned by my having to trek around the West Midlands rail network to get home. And so, to make sure you don't leave this place without at least something here's a short but useful video on Foucault from the Acid Horizon comrades. Useful for anyone who can't see what the fuss is about.

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Blissex said...

Instead here is as another filler a simple test of where the reader of this blog is in politics:

* As to "inflation" what's better for you:
- 5% unemployment or 5% unfilled vacancies?
- 5% homeless or 5% unlet/on-sale properties?
* A to "the economy", what's better for you:
- 6 months to find a job or 6 months to fill a vacancy?
- 6 months to find an affordable rent or purchase, or 6 months to get a tenant or a buyer?

The usual related quotes:

Commenter on "The Guardian": “I will put it bluntly I don't want to see my home lose £100 000 in value just so someone else can afford to have a home and neither will most other people if they are honest with themselves

Commenter on this blog: “I raised the problematic policy on my CLP Facebook group. I was stunned by the support for the policy from the countless landlords who were Party members! "I can't afford to give my tenants a rent holiday" "This is my pension, I'll go bust" etc etc. Absolutely stunning. I had no idea how many private landlords there were in the Party. Kinda explains a lot...