Tuesday 19 July 2022

Kryder & B Jones - Girlfriend

It went from a rumour to a published report in fewer than 24 hours. At last, the much delayed Forde Report into Labour factionalism and that leaked document has landed. I've read it cover to cover, hence no proper post tonight, and will pen something in due course. But if you want some quick takes from me to accompany all the others doing the rounds, here's a very short Twitter thread to tide you over.

Until my reflections appear, here's a top tune to keep you going. An underrated and unjustly unknown composition redolent of sunshine and golden beaches, here it comes:

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Robert Dyson said...

I was thinking yesterday, I am sure Phil will read all and give us an honest summary. For 'family reasons' I will never have the time to read it all - so thanks a lot for what you will write on this.