Friday 8 July 2022

Are You Ready for Rishi?

Or Rish! if you go with the branding. Anyway, Sunak's first out the blocks with a swish campaign video that absolutely wasn't long in preparation. I'm entirely confident his lackeys story boarded, spliced, and recorded this entirely after Boris Johnson's resignation announcement. Anyway, here's his short with Indy overlays.

An entirely slick effort, I'm sure you'd agree. A proper overview of the Tory leadership contest will come in due course, but this won't harm Sunak's chances.


Dipper said...

Here's a view from the Tory camp. Tl;dr what Osborne said on Andrew Neil.

Johnson has gone because of the budget. As was widely said at the time, it was the best budget Gordon Brown ever gave.

The point being that MPs could just about live with Boris being Boris if he was actually delivering, but his lack of a vision at a critical juncture for the economy and the country was becoming apparent.

A reminder, as if you clever and knowledgable folks needed it, that in the UK we elect MPs and they pick a leader. hence MPs deciding to change the leader is not a 'Crisis', it is politics as it is done.

And what is happening is that the painful truth is being confronted. Truth being a subjective matter of course. But the Conservative Party is looking at the many challenges, seeing the current debate inadequate, and deciding now is the time to apply the right Tory principles.

As for the candidates, what is as important, if not more important, than who gets elected is what they have to say, what coalition they have to build, to carry the day. Obviously my favourites are Kemi and Suella. Aren't you pleased I'm supporting women of colour? Or are they the wrong kind of women of colour?

Rishi? Well, my Thatcherite friends are deeply suspicious after his Gordon Brown budget and EOTHO. And the green card business is not an obvious election winner. But blimey can he organise and scheme. He pulled the rug from Johnson on a policy line, has organised a superb personal campaign so far, and if rumour be believed sabotaged Wallace and possibly picked off Zahawi. After Johnson, I feel we could do with someone who can run an effective operation.,

I think, if I was Labour, I'd be worried right now that the Tories are organising now for the next election that if they get it right they are going to be very hard to beat, and it is hard to see how Starmer is going to out-Rishi Rishi.

Blissex said...

«but this won't harm Sunak's chances»

It would be really funny if all the attacks on Johnson aided and enjoyed by "progressive" forces like "The Guardian" resulted in more electable Conservative globalist thatcherite leader (which is surely the calculation of many Conservative MPs), like those of the other major parties.

I will be curious to see whether if he becomes leader Sunak will like Starmer pretend to be a hardcore nationalist brexiter, at least on european immigration.

But the first victory of the globalist thatcherites has been scored, the nationalist thatcherites have not been able to defend their "champion", Seeing that Wallace has not put himself forward.

Another interesting point is that while the media can affect only slightly elections that matter to matter, They seem to have a significant effect on those that don't better and where the vote is driven more by celebrity gossip. What upsets me of the recent thatcherite-media campaign against Johnson is mostly:

* It nearly completely avoided issues that matter, because they implicate Conservative policy, and for example both New Labour and LibDems and their supporting media are largely supportive of Conservative policy, I guess in part because their leaders and officials share the same class interests, in part because their target voters also share the same class interests.

* It is a similar media campaign of politics-free characters attacks as against Corbyn. There are significant differences, such as Johnson's character being despicable even for his supporters, and whether the campaign is based on true but trivial claims about expensive wallpaper or drinking at meetings, or false and monstrous claims about racist and tyrannical plans, it is still a vile corruption of politics, from whichever side it comes; and it will always come from the right-wing media, whether the targets of the propaganda is against other right-wing factions or against, far more often, the centre-left or the left.

Those on the "left" who have cheered on an apolitical right-wing propaganda campaign because for once it was directed at another right-winger, perhaps in the future they will have some regrets.

Blissex said...

Sunak's campaign video would be perfect for a New Labour leadership contest. It hits all the right notes, it's a minority bootstrap story where the protagonist is the child of an aspirational upper-middle class (doctor and pharmacist) family, plus patriotism etc. New Labour should really have headhunted Sunak.

Graham said...

Given that the final decision on the next Tory leader will be made by 200,000 predominately white male golf club boors, I can't see Sunak winning. More likely it will a victory for the maddest "anti-woke" tax cutter.