Tuesday, 1 March 2022

Five Most Popular Posts in February

Here's what did the business on the blog this last month.

1. The Labour Right's Corbyn Obsession
2. Against Putin
3. Time for a Democratic Socialists of Britain?
4. The Class Politics of Levelling Up Failure
5. There's Nothing in the Briefcase

Was a major war on your bingo card for 2022? It wasn't on mine even at the beginning of the month. Before last Thursday, it was politics business as usual where this place was concerned. The same old obsessions of the Labour right topped the monthly chart. Even if the Labour Party lasts another 50 years you'll still have rightwingers in the 2070s carping on about the evils of Corbynism. And even earlier in the month, my musings about whether a network of leftists along the lines of the DSA, the tensions within the Tory voter coalition that make the government's levelling up promises extremely unlikely, and the emptiness of Labour Party politics in the pre-pre-period of the local elections were entirely unsettled by the build up on the borders of Ukraine. The sudden about turn in the situation ensured my piece on the invasion powered its way up to the second spot.

Given what's happening, there's only one real choice for the customary second chance piece, and that would be this on how the Labour right are sacralising NATO as a means of not just marginalising the left in Labour, but redrawing the boundaries of what passes for legitimate debate in mainstream politics.

Who knows what next month will bring except for more bloodshed and destruction, events that will find their echo on this here blog. But there are some "normal" things to look forward to, such as the Erdington by-election result this Thursday and all the usual ins and outs of politics.

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