Sunday, 22 August 2021

Off for a Week

Believe it or not, I've not had a proper break from blogging since October 2012. A day or two away from this place, maybe three on occasion, but for all of it I've never purposely taken time off and spent time not thinking about writing. Enough is enough. Despite appearances to the contrary, I'm not a robot and I could do with a break so I'm having one. Over the next week, the odd video or podcast link might appear to tide matters over. I'll certainly be rounding up the month's by-election results (spoiler, they're not good for Labour so far), but unless something big happens I'm putting my trotters up and reading books, watching things, playing games, and finding other distractions from the class struggle.

Until then, see you in September.


Richard said...

Happy hols

BCFG said...

Happy hols, just be wary of speaking to any women, according to asquith this has the effect of turning you into a war monger and generates violent feelings toward Muslim men.

Or maybe its him!

Rob M said...

On your feet, comrade! The class enemy never takes a break and neither should you.

Dialectician1 said...

Have a good rest, Phil. The barbarians will still be there on your return.