Sunday 25 July 2021

Yet Another Book Update

Your eyes do not decieve you. These are actual physical copies of Falling Down: The Conservative Party and the Decline of Tory Britain. It now resides in final printed form and is ready to ship. Only a month and a half to go before the launch. If you're not convinced yet, here are the endorsements printed on the rear:

If they aren't recommendations enough, regular consumers of left media may have already seen Alfie Steer's first review in Tribune. Look out for more nearer the time. Some quite interesting people have a copy in their possession too. I am intrigued to learn what Tories, particularly those who have a reputation for thoughtfulness make of the arguments contained therein. I also hope it falls into the hands of more than a few politically interested Conservative voters and helps them rethink things. A man can dream.

You can pre-order the book here. Verso's mammoth June sale is over but if you order now there is 20% off! It will be a while before the paperback edition is released so until then there is no better time to pick up a copy than now. Remember, release date is 14th September.

What next? There are a few projects simmering away, but it is highly likely the next book will be something on nation, class, and Blue Labour. I've already bought some of the books for this and have an argument, which can be distilled from the hundreds of pieces on Labour that have appeared on here. Just got to do the research and carve out the writing time. Easy!


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i'm looking forward to reading it