Sunday 1 November 2020

Five Most Popular Posts in October

What moved and shook the room last month? It's time we checked this out.

1. Why Do the Tories Hate the Arts?
2. Why Did Labour Abstain on the Spycops Bill?
3. Keir Starmer's Trade Union Dramarama
4. Suffer the Little Children
5. Ideology, Class, and Coronavirus

The travails of the Tories manage to edge out critical Keir studies again. Perhaps had I been more on the ball with the EHRC report and musings on Jeremy Corbyn's suspension (due later) the story might be different. As things stand the relationship between the Tories and the arts and why they're content to let the sector wither, despite the GDP values it generates, rules the roost. Good show. A couple of pieces about the difficulties the abstainer-in-chief is encountering occupies the runner up spots, and the rear is guarded by the Tory politics of trying to cope with the virus. What might November bring? More of the same in all likelihood!

Time for the second chance saloon. For this, last night's missive on the implementation of the new lockdown and why it is doomed to fail has barged its way to the front of the queue. Once again, the Tories are playing politics with people's lives and its fixation on no u-turns and the headlines makes the party and its leadership congenitally incapable of the most modest of medium-term planning.

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