Saturday 1 April 2017

Five Most Popular Posts in March

What were the most viewed posts last month?

1. Owen Jones and Naive Cynicism
2. The Collapse of the Labour Right
3. Dutch Lessons for the Centre Left
4. Daniel Hannan, Marxism, and Dishonesty
5. Nicola Sturgeon's Independence Ambush

To be honest, I thought this blog had peaked. As the London-based media collapsed into lazy cliches about a land outwith the M25 when it came to Stoke-on-Trent and its famous by-election, this blog filled the gap. And it showed as the audience soared to, for me, dizzying heights. From there, I expected an orderly decline to more modest but still respectable figures. The fates, however, had other ideas. March was my best month ever with just shy of 151,000 page views to brag about, an average of over 4,800 page views per day. Credit has to go to the Owen Jones piece which, thanks to a plug by Owen himself, resulted in this place receiving 31,000 extra page views in a single day, an all-time record. What if that was every day, eh? Perhaps more people would start listening. In addition, the underlying viewer totals are nice and healthy too. It might be a while before we beat this, but volatile times married to a hunger to understand what the hell is going on could lead to more boosts in the future.

As always, there is the odd post that gets overlooked. On this occasion, may your attention be directed to some advice for new Labour MPs. If you're one of the folks who end up in Parliament in future, you might want to keep this in mind.

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Jeremy Corbyn (Parody) said...

I like Owen. I just think he's forgotten how bad it was when Labour were Tory-lite. He just needs a bit of time and some space.