Tuesday 24 January 2017

Stoke-on-Trent Central Labour Shortlist

After interviews that were conducted with a panel from the NEC, the Labour shortlist for Stoke-on-Trent Central is:

Cllr Dr Allison Gardner
Cllr Dr Stephen Hitchin
Trudie McGuinness
Cllr Gareth Snell

A very interesting list to say the least, and surprising too.

Maybe more later.


Anonymous said...

Allison Gardner supported the #chickencoup. I'll say no more.

Anonymous said...

That's good enough for me. She gets my vote.

Blissex said...

Just did a web search and your blog has a nice chat with one of them:


As to "surprising too" I am still rather surprised by parts of Tristram Hunt's last speech in parliament, which should be noted here:

“The division of opinion between the official Labour party position and many of our heartland voters has served only to highlight some of the deep-seated challenges which centre-left parties are facing. From Greece to the Netherlands, to Sweden to France, the combination of austerity, globalisation and EU policy has hammered social democratic politics. The challenge which my Right Hon Friend the leader of the Labour party faces, is not unique to him. All parties are coalitions. But what Brexit has done is exacerbate the divergence of priorities between what say the Labour voters of Cambridge want, and those in Redcar, Grimsby or Stoke-on-Trent. Keeping a metropolitan and post-industrial coalition together is no easy task.”

I am astouned that someone who «championed aspirational voters who shop at John Lewis and Waitrose» talks about «social democratic politics», never mind realizing that what «the Labour voters of Cambridge want» may not be the same in «Stoke-on-Trent». I guess that he got "feedback" from local voters after his appearance son TV with P Mandelson and C Umunna.

“In short, Brexit demands a stronger connection between south Kensington and Stoke-on-Trent.“

Very wise, but then he adds “And I will try as director [of the V&A] to do just that" that is a bit comical. Fortunately South Kensington has a Waitrose :-).

Blissex said...

«Allison Gardner supported the #chickencoup.»
«Trudie McGuinness»

«Q: How many political organisations have you been a member of?
A: Let’s see. The Labour Party for 20 years and the Fabian Society and Progress in more recent years.“»

Oops, but then:

«A: [ ... ] I hugely dislike social snobbery and despise the demonisation of the poor and vulnerable, which has been characteristic of this Tory-Lib Dem government.
Q: Who are your political heroes?
Tony Benn, Aung San Suu Kyi, Nelson Mandela and Betty Boothroyd.
Q: What do you think is the most pressing political task of the day?
A: Nationally, we need to tackle growing inequality.»

These are not that compatible with New Labour though, and championing the Waitrose shopping classes.

Blissex said...

Also Gareth Snell is a Fabian too, and on his recent win of a council byelection declared:

«Following his victory, Mr Snell said on Twitter that it had nothing to do with Jeremy Corbyn. He said the result was due to a 'dedicated group of local volunteers' and was based on 'local issues'.»

Anonymous said...

Looks like it needs to be Hitchen and Mcguiness then, the other two don't seem to respect the democratic will of the party and are thus doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past with little insight into the reasons Labour lost the last two GE's

Anonymous said...

Did gardner really support the coup. i went through her twitter feed. she seems quite left wing to me. supports nationalized nhs and railways.

Anonymous said...

..."Allison Gardner supported the #chickencoup"... I don't think she did.

Anonymous said...

Voted for NEC rule changes that damaged the left position, against the wishes of the CLP

Anonymous said...

Whatever Gardner may say about her left wing credentials she's a key ally of Paul Farrelly who brought out the dead in to get her elected ahead of a genuine Corbyn campaigner in Newcastle and we all know where he lies on Corbyn. With Snell you get what you see. His record for Labour is unquestionable though his style cab be blunt and brutal at times.He's not going to sugar coat it. McGuiness has a good record both in Stoke but Cannock aren't happy she's jumping ship at the first opportunity. Hitchin seems to be another Bootle Boy looking for a safe seat having tried with the same schtick in another seat. Why the party couldn't find a genuine Stokie is beyond me.

jim mclean said...

Not all that keen on locals all the time, Fife Labour is paying for and Fife SNP will pay this type of clannish selection process. There are some superb young minds out there who should be headhunted, encouraged, before they become robots.