Sunday 1 January 2017

Five Most Popular Posts in December

The five most-read last month were:

1. Individualism and Neoliberalism
2. French Lessons for the Centre Left
3. Remembering Lily Jayne Summers
4. Top 100 Tweeting Politics Commentators 2016
5. Politics After Richmond

Who'd have thought a book review would come top last month? Well, it did and rightly so. Ralph Fevre's Individualism and Inequality is an important contribution to ongoing work around neoliberalism, and offers ways of thinking about different kinds of individualism that should be embedded at the heart of progressive (or socialist) politics. A must read. Coming in second is a reflection on the disaster zone that is Francois Hollande's presidency and the lessons we should take from that. Unfortunately, a year's worth of critiquing Corbyn suggests that the centre left are not interested in learning such things. Third is my tribute to our missed comrade, Lily Jayne Summers. We will be saying a proper goodbye to her on the 10th. Fourth, shockingly, is the annual top 100 of tweeting commentators - the first ever time it hasn't come out top at the end of a December. 2016 was a strange year. And bringing up the rear is a pondering on whether the Richmond by-election marks another shift in British politics. Short answer? Sort of.

I've decided to deposit three posts in second chance city. Most recently, my critique of the useless numbers proffered by the Change Britain campaign, and a preview of the Copeland by-election. And lastly, a look back on the history of British politics blogging. Changes? There have been a few.

Happy reading and happy 2017!

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