Thursday 1 September 2016

Five Most Popular Posts in August

The five most read posts last month were:

1. Reluctant Corbynism
2. Why the Establishment Doesn't Get Corbynism
3. Is Corbynism a Social Movement?
4. Labour Wins in Silverdale
5. After Neoliberalism

Another triumphant month for critical Corbyn studies as far as this blog's audience figures are concerned. In all, 102,656 page views happened, making August 2016 the second most popular month ever. It was only 700 views off the record set in July, so if the rest of the year can hit those dizzy heights I'll be most chuffed.

The piece on Reluctant Corbynism isn't just the most read this month, but is in the All That Is Solid all-time top ten after going mini-viral. What - I think - it and the other Corbyn pieces demonstrate is an audience who want to understand what Corbynism is about and what, if anything, it represents. And let's be honest, most of the mainstream output is dishonest guff and dismal delusion. Suggesting there is an appetite for thinking is After Neoliberalism, which is probably the longest (and most complex) piece I've written for the blog so far. Want more head scratching pieces?

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