Friday 25 December 2015

The Scandal of Cadbury's Heroes

Ravi has captured the imagination of all progressive humanity and rendered a huge service with his Fair Celebrations campaign, an exposure of the shifty practices of the Mars Corporation. Well, below is irrefutable proof of shared shiftiness across corporate lines. Cadbury, the diminishing subsidiary of Kraft Foods, are also at it.


As it happens, I'm a fan of Eclairs and glad to see the Caramels diminish in number. But c'mon, 16 Dairy Milks versus three Twirls. Words do not exist.

It's time this nonsense ended. I urge all readers to repeat this exercise with whatever tinned chocolatey assortments they fancy, and tag @Ravisubbie and #FairCelebrations (plus #FairHeroes, #FairQualityStreet, etc.) into your tweets. 

Justice will not be denied!


jim mclean said...

Remember your 1984, the chocolate ration, couple of years ago saw Lidl's raise the price of milk from 79p to £1 then a couple of weeks down the line reduce it to 89p with a 10% off sticker. Bit like their living wage pledge, do not mention the unpaid hours put in. Back to your post "shrinkage" and raising the price of "basic" brands is a biggie with the supermarkets. Poundshops can be a rip off if your not careful. Plus of course restaurants, the second cheapest bottle of wine on the list is pure crap and the biggest mark up. If your skint buy the cheapest.

Anonymous said...

"If we wish to give a clear and and precise answer to the question of what American imperialism wants, we must say: It wants to put capitalist Europe on rations..."

from "The "Pacifist" Imperialism of the USA" by Leon Trotsky

nyah, nyah, nyah