Tuesday 1 December 2015

Five Most Popular Posts in November

The most read posts last month were:

1. Jeremy Corbyn and Shoot-to-Kill
2. Andrew Fisher: It's Not About Rule-Breaking
3. Jeremy Corbyn and Insecurity
4. Constructively Critiquing Corbynomics
5. Understanding Corbynmania

Yet another month of Critical Corbyn Studies has pulled the numbers in. And this is going to be the case until Jeremy bows out, whenever that may be (though it won't be soon, no matter what some are hoping). The big controversies around Jeremy and shoot-to-kill, and the clumsy attack on Jez aide Andrew Fisher rule the roost. There's also an appetite for something a bit more critical than straight forward defences of Jeremy and his works, as my pieces on insecurity and Corbynomics show. There's a few more brewing of this character, which is bound to upset some people.

What post deserves a double-take? Seeing as it's in the news, and it's a bit more original than the usual takes on the issue, you should have another look at Simulating War Against Islamic State. Thought the late French poststructuralist philosopher Jean Baudrillard is full of shit? Think again.

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