Monday 1 September 2014

Five Most Popular Posts for August

The most read this month were:

1. When Genocide Is Permissible
2. Critiquing Doctor Who: Deep Breath
3. On Bombing ISIS
4. The Social Significance of Ian Botham's Penis
5. How Not to Write About Rotherham

August's most-featured-in-the-news tops the page view tally for this month, followed not too far behind by the Doctor's return to our screens in Peter Capaldi's skin. Does having an openly Scottish Doctor indicate a clandestine contribution by BBC Wales to the Better Together campaign?

Yes it's been a busy month on the blog, the most buzzing it's been since December 2013 no less. And my choice for the couple of posts that didn't make the cut? There is UKIP's General Election Prospects. Written before Douglas Carswell's defection, everything said here still applies, but even more so. My second selection wouldn't shock long-term readers either: The Top 100 Dance Songs of the 1970s. Never miss an opportunity to inflict your music taste on the internet-going public.

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