Tuesday 26 August 2014


Observant readers may have noticed a small change round these parts. If you're not among them, let your eyes float the the top of this page. There, nestling along with Home and About are seven new buttons; Sociology, Economics & Politics, Far Left, Gender, Sex, Books, and Games. Now, we know how unwieldy search and archiving functions are on blogs. If you're trying to find a half-remembered blog post either the search buggers up, or you have to wade through dozens and dozens of posts via the archive or label cloud. Not ideal. So I've grouped together a sort of 'greatest hits' by theme. It's not entirely comprehensive. There's a poor showing from before October 2012, but this has more to do with lack of time going back and mending broken photo links than anything else.

The buttons are more or less straight forward, but a few words are necessary.

Sociology covers loads of stuff. Here you can find posts on the character of capitalism, celebrity, class, Marxism, social theory, and sociology (i.e. case studies, methods, sociologically-informed commentary, etc.

Economics & Politics is the writing on the issues of the day. What you might call economic commentary is in there, alongside class and labour movement politics; and party politics proper. Tories, Labour, LibDems, UKIP, Greens, they all have their bits. And for the few Stokies who care about such things, there's a little section on local politics too.

Sadly, I have written enough for the Far Left to have its own section. Here you will find comment and polemic on the far left as a whole, as well as meditations on Left Unity, Respect, the SP, SWP, etc. etc.

Gender is self-explanatory, really. Sections here take in feminism, masculinity, intersectionality, and ... science fiction.

Sex isn't just about the old 'how's your father', it covers sexuality too - hence there's a lot of toe-treading/tank-parking with gender. Ranging from the chin-strokey to the tabloid, this is where you'll find the stuff other politics bloggers dare not write about.

Books are book reviews and comments about books. Novels and heavy duty social theory, it's all there.

Last but not least there's Video Games. Readers yet to come to terms with Space Invaders might be sorry to hear that I'll be peddling more video game writing in the near future. A diet of Tory skulduggery can only nourish me for so long.

Them's the buttons. Get pressing.


Chris said...

In the spirit of this blog, aren't these categories all really inter-related and therefore your categorising of them is misleading?

Maybe you could do a blog post on that!

Phil said...

Sounds like a challenge!

Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to sell my hoover for ages; it;=s just been collecting dust.

Phil said...

Nice to see Tim Vine has discovered this blog :)

Gary Elsby said...

Dodtor Doctor I've only got 59 seconds to live!

Wait a minute!