Friday 1 August 2014

Five Most Popular Posts for July

This month's five most-read were ...

1. On the "Obsession" with Israel and Palestine
2. The SWP's Moral Vacuity
3. Investigating Paedophile Politicians
4. Effacing Rolf Harris
5. Lauren Goodger: Against Revenge Porn

No prizes for guessing a post about Israel and Palestine would come top in July. I have no special insight into this interminable conflict, it's not something I've spent years researching, writing and arguing about. But what I do know about is British politics and how international issues are refracted through its narrow prism. That's where I have plenty to say and am likely to talk more about in the month to come.

The SWP, paedophiles and porn make up the rest. Nothing new there. As ever, there are a couple of posts that deserve a wider circulation. Foucault, Discipline and Work is something gagging to be worked up into a more substantial piece. Perhaps something to consider when I've finished my "secret project". And if it's further chin-stroking you're after, check out Inequality and British Capitalism, which could equally be dubbed 'Ed Miliband, Labour, and Trotsky's Theory of Permanent Revolution'.

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