Tuesday 1 July 2014

Five Most Popular Posts for June

The five most popular posts this last month were:

1. Managing Ed Miliband
2. Ed Miliband and The Sun
3. Why BBC News Ignored the People's Assembly March
4. TUSC's Exercises in Self Deception
5. When Men's Bodies Meet Side-Saddle Trunks

Nice for a "proper" political story to top the monthly chart for once. Less surprising is the usual good showing for commentary on the media and the far left.

There's not a great deal more that needs be said. Except, of course, a couple of shout outs to pieces that deserve another look. This month's picks are Politics After Newark, in which I argue that the mainstream commentariat - including respected professors - still do not understand UKIP and what it means for politics; and Intersectionality, Class and Capitalism which, I humbly suggest, is a must-read for anyone interested in identity politics, privilege, and oppression point-scoring.

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