Wednesday 23 July 2014

David Ward and Hypocritical Bullshit

Is this what anti-Semitism really looks like?

"Ich bin ein Palestinian", a channeling of liberal hero JFK. And the other, though clumsily expressed, can only be construed as anti-semitic by those who would paint all criticism of Israel as such. And here are some of those construals:

This is so much bullshit, but there is a lesson here.

If you are in the public eye and want to cast an unwelcome light on the criminal activities of the Israeli government, it's not a great idea to lay yourself open to attack by appearing to condone rocket attacks or suicide bombings.

As the member for Bradford East has made clear, raising awareness was precisely his intention. Instead, his clumsiness has allowed the hypocritical lie machine to frame opposition as racist, allowing the targeting and bombing of innocent civilians a free pass instead of putting this gang of war apologists on the spot.


DrDude12472 said...

Member for Bradford East - Kerry McCarthy has nothing to do with this!

The Lib Dems do seem to have a problem with Israel/Jews (delete as appropriate). Remember that Lib Dem Friends of Palestine post a few weeks ago?

Phil said...

Argh! Changed - I was even thinking at the time "must not confuse with Bristol East ..."

I did not see said post, care to share?

As I see it there is a lot of carelessness among pro-Palestinians - Holocaust/Palestinian comparisons, evoling the 3rd Reich, talking about "the jews", banging on about Zionist conspiracies, evoking "tentacle" metaphors and blathering on about "financiers" and "banksters" - this should all be avoided. It's common sense really.

Evan said...

Louise Mensch is naive if she thinks that the Tories aren't racist already...

DrDude12472 said...

This article explains it well: the phrase "the time is ripe to cleanse British public life of Zionists and Jerusalemites" comes across as particularly ugly.

asquith said...

It is, though, isn't it? You don't hear white, over-"educated" Westerners demanding (for instance) a free Kurdistan or denouncing Turkey, Syria, Jordan etc. in such terms.

If pressed, they'll say those matters are complicated and they don't undeerstand. As if Israel/Palestine was the simplest, most one-sided conflict in the world...

... and it would be if you had THEM constantly on your mind. You know, THEM.

Anonymous said...

DrDude the socialist strikes again! First he was telling us how happy he was to live under the ConDems, now he is trashing the pro Palestinian movement at a time when they are being massacred! If he is a socialist count me out!

Now if some apologist for Israeli crimes came on TV and said Israel was justified to defend itself (which the bastards do all the time), in other words, massacre Palestinians at will, as and when they pleased, then nothing would be said. In fact they would likely get a promotion and be applauded by the political class, and I suspect DRDude.

DrDude12472 said...

If you'd like to point to anywhere I've said I approve of the current government or where I've trashed pro-Palestinians, please quote me and I will be happy to concede.

If you cannot do that, I will assume you are making astonishing leaps of faith about my beliefs and intentions.

Speedy said...

I think your previous post about why it matters to the West explained it well.

However as i said one cannot unravel it from history.

Personally i have tremendous sympathy for the Palestinians and would love to see a two state solution enforced on Israel by its American paymaster.

Yet because i also can see why israel behaves the way it does and have some sympathy for it, in the bar room debates i am usually pitched in the "pro-israel" camp.

I think it says something about the sinister nature of much of the dialogue that only polar views are acceptable to many "pro palestnians".

Anonymous said...

"If you cannot do that, I will assume you are making astonishing leaps of faith about my beliefs and intentions."

No I don't think so, Mr so called socialist. Anyone who chooses the moment the Palestinians are being massacred to bring up, wink wink, anti Semitism on the Pro Palestinian side is nothing but unadulterated scum.

The correct response was mine, to point out how our political class is forever justifying Israeli high crimes.

PS I would likely fire rockets also.

Anonymous said...


you are nothing but a cheerleader for mass murder. When you despair the angels sing.

The Israeli army use humans as target practice, as videos of them shooting down Palestinians as they wade through the rubble aptly demonstrates. Fuller rejoices in this devastation, he sees Palestinians being massacred and it makes him feel all warm and joyful inside.

He can despair all he likes, he is scum.